Car Rental Rates

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The University Has Partnered With National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car To Reduce Your Travel Expense

After a competitive procurement process, the University has selected National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car as our preferred rental car suppliers for UT Systems effective immediately. The rates being offered through this contract should significantly reduce departmental rental car expenses. The rate for a mid-size car in Tennessee is $31.33 and the rate sheet for all vehicles is located at University of Tennessee Rate Table.  Please note that the contract also includes cargo and passenger vans and a half ton truck for departments who have a need for these vehicles. The corporate discount code needed to obtain these rates is XXXXX and employees are also able to use this for personal travel. Please share this information with travelers in your department.


It is recommended that you use National at airports and  Enterprise when a car is needed elsewhere. (Remember campus motor pools must be used if a vehicle is needed for travel at your official station). Membership in their Emerald Club program is also being offered for free to all University employees.  With National the Emerald Club membership allows you to bypass the rental car counter, select any vehicle from their Emerald Club Aisle and receive rewards offered by them. When you use your Emerald Club membership with Enterprise, you will receive expedited service and corporate client recognition. To enroll in this program, just click on the link below and follow the instructions. Be sure to elect to allow them to e-mail your rental car receipt to you and to decline all insurance options in your profile since this is not a reimbursable expense.  If you have an elite status in a Hertz or Avis membership program, National will match that status and this can be accomplished by contacting our dedicated Account Manager, Mr. Darren Lowe. He can be reached at or 423-823-2946 and can assist with any questions that you may have about this new program.