New Rates for National and Enterprise Car Rental

Category: Travel

The State of Tennessee just entered into a five-year agreement with National/Enterprise Car Rental that has lower rates than our current agreement. The University is able to access these new rates. The rates have been loaded into our corporate code XZ56187 and can be found here.

An intermediate car is around $28 a day. These rates also include insurance. The university doesn’t typically allow employees to be reimbursed for insurance but since it is included in the rate, this is acceptable, provided that it is booked under this corporate code.

This contract also includes commercial vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and trucks with lifts and ramps.

These rates are not available for personal use. If someone uses this rate for personal use and they are in an accident, the insurance isn’t valid and they are responsible. Only Loss Damage Waiver insurance and Collision Damage Waiver insurance are covered under the new State agreement. To obtain these rates, make sure the corporate code XZ56187 is being used. They can, however, use corporate code XZ56TNP for personal use and it provides them an even better rate, since the insurance isn’t included. Under this code, an intermediate car is $26.94.