University Conflicts of Interest Disclosures

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The University of Tennessee’s Fiscal Policy FI0125, Conflicts of Interest, requires all regular faculty and staff to disclose certain outside interests and activities. These disclosure requirements help prevent or minimize conflicts between an employee’s outside interests and his or her university responsibilities.

The policy now has two parts: Part l (essentially the same as the previous policy) and Part ll (provisions required to comply with new Public Health Service regulations governing PHS-funded research projects, including NIH projects).

Most UTSA employees will fall only under Part l of the policy, and the form for disclosures under Part I is the same form we have used in the past. This year the form is completely paperless. The University has created an electronic Outside Disclosure Form to expedite this process. Please click on this link to complete your conflict of interest form. After completing the form, users will be asked to enter the e-mail address of their immediate supervisor. Your completed form will then be routed electronically through the approval process.

A Help Guide explaining the process is available at the following link:

The complete policy and the Part I disclosure form are at the following website: If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact your supervisor for a copy of this information.

This year we are asking employees to complete a form only if a conflict;

  1. exists at the time of the filing;
  2. existed during the previous twelve months
  3. the employee expects to acquire a conflict during the next twelve months; or
  4. the conflict reported last year no longer exists.

Additional required disclosure for investigators on PHS-funded research projects – Employees, students, and others will be required to complete a disclosure form under Part ll of the policy if they are deemed to be an investigator on a PHS- funded research project (including NIH research projects). For employees, this form will be in addition to the Part l form. New PHS regulations require that investigators complete training on the new PHS regulations and the University’s Conflicts of Interest Policy and then complete the new Part ll form before a new award date on a current project and before a proposal for new funding can be submitted. Campus research and business officers will determine who will be required to complete the new disclosure form under Part II and when the initial disclosure must be made. Requirements to update the initial disclosure are stated in Part II of the Conflicts of Interest Policy. The complete policy and disclosure forms for Part II are at the following website: Please click on “Forms” in the Topics box to locate the forms.

Please complete the form and forward it to your supervisor no later than September 30, 2017. Your supervisor will complete question 1 on the last page of the form and forward it to this office. Thank you for your assistance in this effort.

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