The Office of Finance and Administration is pivotal in driving strategic initiatives which support the University’s financial health and operational excellence. Below are some highlights of our recent achievements.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable supports the University’s mission of education, research and public service by ensuring timely and accurate payments and reimbursements, in compliance with University, state and federal regulations. Learn more →


travel reports approved.


procurement cards managed.


travel cards managed.


total vendors created or updated.

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Budget, Analysis and Planning

Budget, analysis and planning directs the development of the annual operating budget, provides information for planning and decision making, and facilitates the reporting requirements of the University, among other budgetary and financial duties. Learn more →


financial and operational reports generated and submitted to various state agencies.


budget allocations made by over 1,500 departments were reviewed.


budgeted positions analyzed.

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Capital Projects

The Department of Capital Projects supports UT System campuses and institutions with the administration of the University’s capital improvement programs, real property and space administration. Learn more →

30.3 million

square feet across 1,021 buildings have capital maintenance and operations managed by the Department of Capital Projects.


projects currently in design or construction, valued at $1.8 billion.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management is responsible for developing approaches for managing risk, including risk identification, analysis and response. Current work includes documenting response plans for the most significant threats and opportunities, defining a successful outcome and detailing how results are monitored and communicated to decision-makers. Learn more →


threats and opportunities identified related to the achievement of goals and objectives in UT’s Systemwide Strategic plan.

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Human Resources

UTSA’s Office of Human Resources strives to attract and retain top talent while providing a working environment that is supportive and conducive to professional development and success. Learn more →


of current UT System employees rated it as a great place to work.


consecutive year UT System has been awarded the “Great Place To Work” certification.


points higher than the average U.S. company.

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Investment Office

The Investment Office oversees the majority of assets invested for the benefit of the University, including charitable remainder trusts and the endowment. Among other responsibilities, the staff screen investments, monitor performances and assess risks with the overall goal of maximum returns. Learn more →

$1.5 billion

in invested capital.

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Procurement Services

Procurement services assist with the purchase of goods and services for UT System Administration, UT Knoxville (including UT Institute of Agriculture and UT Space Institute) UT Southern, and the UT Institute for Public Service, negotiating cost savings during public, competitive sourcing events. It also reviews all UT System Administration, UT Southern, UT Institute of Agriculture, and UT Institute for Public Service contracts. Learn more →


contracts reviewed and processed.


requisitions (request for purchases) processed into purchase orders systemwide.

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Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk management is responsible for systemwide oversight of the University’s risk management programs, including, commercial insurance, incidents, claims and loss control programs. Risk management provides expertise, resources and solutions to positively impact the University’s financial, physical and reputational well-being. Learn more →

$10.3 million

insurance allocation premium rebate received from the state of Tennessee due to risk management loss control measures and an overall reduction in loss experience.


average employee reporting lag across all campuses, allowing for significant cost savings to the University in loss control and overall claims expense.

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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions oversees and provides support for UT’s enterprise applications and technological infrastructure and security. The technology solutions team ensures the UT System’s efficiency is optimized by streamlining processes and maintaining data flow. Learn more →


IRIS transactions (page touches/changes made) conducted.

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Trademark Licensing

The University’s trademark licensing program protects the use of the University’s names, logos, slogans, insignias, symbols and mascots. Under the leadership of Director Mike Keener, the University of Tennessee brand has enjoyed enhanced brand visibility as well as increased profitability, generating revenue from licensing agreements. Learn more →

$10+ million

in revenue generated from royalties in 2023.

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The treasurer is responsible for all monies that come to the University as well as the proper handling of such funds in accordance with state statutes and policies fixed by the UT Board of Trustees. Learn more →


fixed income purchases and maturities managed.

1 million

card transactions supported, valued at $131M.


175 merchant safety and quality assurance checks performed.

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