The chief investment officer oversees the majority of the assets invested for the benefit of the University of Tennessee. These include the long-term vehicles of the Endowment and Charitable Remainder Trusts, as well as the short-term Cash Operating Fund that supports the University’s day-to-day operations.



The University’s Endowment takes a long-term approach to investing. Its primary objective is to achieve an annualized return greater than the rate of inflation plus spending, while managing risk through a full market cycle. To that end, it has implemented a disciplined strategy that incorporates both active and passive management, depending on the target market or manager strategy. The University works with an outside consultant to find managers that possess a repeatable strategy, solid investment culture, and emphasis on risk management. This approach, implemented under an active governance structure, enables the University to maintain a long-term, strategic focus and avoid the distractions of short-term market movements. Risk and performance are monitored on an ongoing basis.