No More Bidding or Contracts Required

Through a competitive process the University has issued system-wide framework orders with several hotels for lodging, meeting space and food and beverage prices. The hotels have provided CONUS rates or lower, discounts off catering menus and they agreed to accept a University event ordering form.

Book a Meeting Use this link to book a meeting using a pre-approved form.

Nashville Area Hotels
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Knoxville Hotels

The Hilton Suites and Downtown Doubletree exceed the CONUS rate. Thus, when entering reimbursement in IRIS for these properties you must enter “Lodging, Contracted Rates” and use the provider code of BHS for “Brentwood Hilton Suites” or NDD for “Nashville Downtown Doubletree”. Since we have agreements with them, they do not need to be processed as an exception.
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Chattanooga Hotels
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