T-3 Travel Expense Worksheet

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This form should be used for the traveler’s convenience to aid in recording expenses in IRIS and/or to sign for reimbursement purposes. If the traveler signs a completed form showing all costs, it is not necessary for him/her to also sign the expense report printed from IRIS. Attach the signed T-3 form to the expense report printed from IRIS that is submitted for reimbursement.

T-6 Travel Expense Report (Non-IRIS)

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This form should be used for reimbursement of travel for individuals with status “Withdrawn” in PA20 in IRIS such as Casual Laborers, retirees, etc. or for individuals covered by a personal service contract. (Contract should be on file in the Treasurer’s office.)

T-18 Travel Request Worksheet

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This form can be used for convenience when processing a travel request. Traveler should complete the form with time and dates of travel, purpose of trip and destination, and return to secretary for processing. This form can also be used as a paper travel request when an approved travel request is required for individuals whose expenses will be submitted using a T-6 form.

T-24 Guest Traveler Worksheet

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This form can be used for convenience when requesting a Guest Traveler number. The guest should fill in needed information and return it to the secretary for processing.
NOTE: The actual requesting of the number is processed via transaction ZPHRRECORD000 (Record Friend / Pending EE / Guest Traveler Request).
Guest Traveler Documentation →

T-25 Application for Direct Bill of Airfare

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This form is used to direct bill airfare. An approved travel request must be completed prior to submission of this form. Department/traveler should make reservations with World Travel, and then send the completed and approved form to the Treasurer’s office or appropriate Central Business Office.

T-30 Conference and Seminar Registration Prepayment Form

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This form is used to prepay conference and seminar fees. A trip must be created in IRIS (with travel request if required) with this expense added using “Reg/conf/train Company Paid” as the expense type. The Comments section should indicate meals or lodging included in the fee. The expense should be submitted for approval in IRIS, but do not submit a printed copy of the expense report at this time. Do not include early reimbursement of airfare to the traveler on the same approval with the prepayment of conference registration fees – each of these expenses must have its own workflow. Send the approved T-30 form to the Treasurer’s office or appropriate Central Business Office for processing. The form should be complete with the traveler’s personnel number and the trip number. Please attach two copies of the registration form. (One copy will be mailed with the check.) Attach support documentation from the conference (e.g., brochure) identifying the fee, amenities provided (e.g., lodging, meals, membership), dates and location.

T-40 Travel Package Itemization

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This form is used if it is not possible to obtain an itemized receipt or statement when a travel package is purchased for a trip. This form should be completed and signed by traveler then attached to the travel expense report for reimbursement.

T-41 Request for Travel Advance

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This completed form must be attached to the trip in IRIS and submitted in time to allow for processing (including approvals, auditing and mailing/bank deposit). If not submitted in a timely manner an advance is not guaranteed. For all travel outside the state of Tennessee, there must be an approved travel request in IRIS prior to the request being submitted.